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Holiday Gift Guide for Her – 25 gifts under $25

Holiday shopping is legit my favorite thing to do… like ever.

I’ve never been the “Let’s go to the mall and get all my shopping done” kind of gal! You’ll catch me on the World Wide Web doing all of my shopping. You’ll notice that most of my holiday shopping takes place on Amazon . I try searching for super cute items & always make sure that I’m going to get the best deals which is why I have cultivated this gift guide “for her” with items under $25 (ya girl, is living on a budget so things need to be amazing but affordable!)

I will be posting more Holiday Gift Guides in the coming weeks!

This post contains affiliate links in which Life with Brit may earn a small commission.

1. Marble Makeup Bags | 2. Cross Body Bag | 3. Plaid Scarf | 4. Make Up Brushes | 5. Monogrammed Mug | 6. Scented Candle | 7. Sherpa Zip-Up | 8. Velvet Scrunchies | 9. Fuzzy Slippers | 10. Slipper Socks | 11. Insulated Water Bottle | 12. Organic Sea Soak | 13. Puff Beanie | 14. Hydrating Mask | 15. Silk Pillowcases | 16. Soft Pink Pajamas | 17. Marble Wine Chiller | 18. Tile Mate | 19. Sunglasses | 20. Wool Knit Mittens | 21. Thermal Mug | 22. iPhone Case | 23. Rose Gold Wine Glasses | 24. Facial Cleansing Brush | 25. Fuzzy Blanket |

1. This bundle is amazing & comes with not one but TWO make up bags… but it will look SUPER cute while you travel! YES PLEASE!

2. I am beyond obsessed with cross body bags lately and this pink chic cross body bag is everything I could have wanted under $25!

3. No matter what season it is, I always wish for it to be fall again. I am loving this plaid scarf.

4. Every girl needs a good set of make up brushes, and these ones are so stinking cute and such amazing quality!

5. Some people collect baseball cards, rocks, butterflies, I collect coffee mugs. I really needed to add this monogrammed mug to my collection.

6. Truth be told… I don’t even know if I could light this candle. It’s far too pretty!

7. A perfectly adorable sherpa zip-up for when the weather changes & around here it’s different every single day!

8. Scrunchies are coming back & this bundle is so amazing!

9. Trust me when I tell you, buy these slippers. You’ll thank me later! ๐Ÿ™‚

10. I think my addiction to fuzzy socks and slippers and these slipper socks combine them both into one!!

11. This insulated water bottle has a vacuum seal, is eco-friendly, looks sleek and is easy to carry.

12. This organic sea soak helps with relaxation, soothes sore muscles and softens the skin… and who doesn’t love a good hot bath in the middle of winter!

13. I love a good beanie and especially one with a puff on top! This beanie is so super cute!

14. Winter is cold and dry & harsh on your skin. This amazing hydrating mask gives life back to your face!

15. This silk pillowcase not only feels amazing but is amazing for your hair and skin.. aka no brainer!

16. These soft pink pajamas know exactly how I feel when I wake up each morning!!!

17. NO ONE like warm white wine! This marble wine chiller is a chic way to chill your wine bottle

18. A Tile Mate is the perfect gift for anyone who tends to lose their phone (aka me)

19. These sunnies are amazing, super cute, and an amazing dupe to Quay Sunnies!

20. These mittens are everything. So super warm & I my fingers don’t feel like they’re going to fall off!!

21. “Make Mine a Double,” Kate Spade Thermal Mug is the perfect mug for when you are on the go!

22. I actually have this iPhone case on my phone right now! It’s so dang cute and I love it!

23. These gorgeous stainless steel rose gold wine glasses keep beverages colder and warmer than a normal glass… and they’re much prettier!

24. Everyone loves to have amazing skin, and this cleansing brush makes your skin feel so incredible!

25. Cuddle up underneath this warm fuzzy blanket, enjoy a holiday movie & a cup of hot cocoa!

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